Questions we ask to design your closet

Closet_Reach_InBy asking the right questions ClosetShark will be able to design systems that work for you customers.

Wardrobe Question
What is your main concern for organizing your closet? Extra hanging space, extra shelving, combination of two?
Is the closet to be used daily or for storage of off-season items?
Will the closet be used to store large bulky items, such as suitcases, pillows?
Who will be using the closet? His, Hers, child, other use?
Do you like shoes on shelves or on the floor?
Do you like your pants folded or hanging straight?
Will the closet be storing any different items in the future?

Closet Questions
Is it a reach-in closet or a walk in?
Is the door bi-fold, sliding, of hinged?
Are the sides of the closet recessed and less accessible?
Is there an attic access or pipes or other obstructions in the closet?
Are there any other issues that need to be considered before installation? i.e. pocket doors that recede into the wall, plaster walls that require additional steps to repair or extensive built-ins that need to be removed?

The more we know about you and your goals for the closet, the better your design will be.